Honk the horn before….

May 21, 2009

Two weeks ago during the tournament I was running the line as AR1 on a U19 boy’s game. The center I felt before hand was questionable at best for this game but hey I am not the assignor. We are about 15 minutes into the game when a ball is played long down the field along the line directly in front of me. The defender gathers the ball up. A forward for the other team is chasing him down and coming on fast. The defender plays the ball out of trouble before the attacker gets to him all about 4 feet from me. The attacker takes two more full steps and raises his elbow up right across the defenders face. The defender goes down and has a broken nose. I throw my flag up wildly. The Center hits his whistle and I point for the direction on the foul and start slapping my back pocket. I quickly step onto the field because an entire team is about ready to beat the crap out of the guy that just threw the elbow. The center goes directly to the injured player and calls on medical staff (really an unprepared coach).

Once the “medical staff” is there and we calm the teams down I step back to my line and the call the center over to me. The Center asks what I had on that play. I re-explain what happen to him and tell him I really think there needs to be a red card. (Actually we don’t have any wiggle room on this; it is a strike to the head and is a must red card.) The Center doesn’t say another word and walks over to the player and shows the red card. Of course the player argues with him saying he couldn’t slow down. The Center says “I understand, I normally wouldn’t give a card for that but he wants you to get a red” and points at me….

At halftime we had a long conversation about him throwing me under the bus. I asked him to at least honk the buses horn before throwing me under it. I will go out of my way to NEVER work with this guy again. The rest of the game went downhill from there. The game really was not that difficult (finial was 8-0) but this guy was so far over his head he didn’t even know there was surface to the pool.


eNew Shoes…

May 20, 2009

So as I have posted on here before one of my most important tools to refereeing is my shoes.  I currently wear Saucony Grid Trigon Ride 4.  They treat me great.  I actually love refereeing in these. 

Well the problem is that they are getting wornout and it is time for some new shoes.  I have about 600 miles on one pair and 400 miles on the other.   I am struggling find the same shoes again in all black.  I have found a pair of Nike’s that have come highly recommended by both another referee and more importantly my running shop who does my shoe fits for me.  (highly recommended for everyone, find a good running store and have a shoe fit performed.  They will tell you what type of shoe you need, stable, motion control ect.)  But if you come across any of ….Please let me know, I will be gratful. 

Well the other day I was in Nike outlet store here in Boise and ran across the total90 turfs for sale. 

New Turfs Total Ninty.....

New Turfs Total Ninty.....

They were on sale for $30.00 so I though I would grab a pair to toss in my bag.  They might be nice on the line on wet days or maybe in the center also.  I have not ran in them yet but I plan to train most of this week in them.  I did wear them through the house already and they felt good.

Well I will update you on their performance as I have results.  I would guess next week….

State Cup Game #1

May 20, 2009

State Cup game one-

Well my first game assignment has come in.  I have a Friday night game at 6pm.  I am AR2 on a U16 game.  The center and AR1 are both from hosting city.  The one team is from Boise where I am from and the other team is from the hosting city.  I am wondering if that will really happen though.   

I have had the Boise team 2 or 3 times this season as the center so I am familiar with them.  They are a quality team that can play fast.  At times they actually play a little too fast for their own skill set so we will see how it goes for them. 

Well I am hoping I have had a strong enough season to get a couple centers and my performance is solid Friday night to justify those centers.

Friends or Foes

May 18, 2009

The Rules of the Game by Pierluigi Collina

“The Walk to the pich is a moment when you meet people- players, managers, staff.  Greetings, handshakes, and a few comments are exchanged.  Sometimes you see much hugging between former team-mates who are particularly pleased to see each other again.  Then you see the same two out on the pitch going hell for leather as they fight for the ball.” 

I see this a lot during high school season, players that have played club ball together for years are now lining up across from each other for their respected high school teams.  This is always a little funny to me but is a true example of compitition.

“What do you go out there for?”

May 18, 2009

Excerpt from The Rules of the Game by Pierluigi Colina

“One evening, while we were sitting alongside each other in the stalls at the Ariston theatre in San Remo, both about to receive a prize, Edgar Davids, a man of few words, but a man whose words usually hit the mark said to me, ‘There’s something I don’t understand, when I go out ton the pitch, I go out to win, for me and for my team.  But you? What do you go out there for?”

So why do you go out there game after game weekend after weekend season after season through the wind, rain, heat and sometimes snow? 

Some started for the money, some started to get in shape but others started just to keep in touch with the game they use to play.  I think for me all of these might have contributed to it for me.  I love competition and I love an environment where I can set goals and achieve them.  Refereeing has been that for me. 

While I am not directly a competitor in a game I am involved in the competition and I am surrounded by the competition.  Actually I am not sure you can get any closer to the competition without actually being a competitor then you can as a referee.  I also love the ability to work my way up in the ranks as an official.  No mater what I am doing weather it is work or play I want to know what is next in line and how do I get there…..As far as the money is concerned I sit on two sides of the fence here.  The money is not that important to me but yet it is from a respect issue.  If given a choice between two different leagues and one pays more I will probably take the one that pays more.  My entire referee pays goes directly into my son’s college fund account (I have ref pay set up for direct deposit).  I will cover this more in another post.

I grew up playing soccer up through college.  I took maybe a 6 month break from soccer while getting married before I found myself back at the game coaching.  Again after my coaching was over I took about 6 months off.  I couldn’t stay away from the game and refereeing allowed me to get back into the game but yet control my schedule.

Pierluigi Collina responded to the above question this way:

“Well, for me and for other referees like me, we go out onto the pitch to try and help the real competitors, the players, to play in full respect of the rules and therefore to play in the best possible way.  Usually people play best when the rules are respected.  The most spectacular games are those in which few fouls are committed, those in which the game isn’t interrupted continually and the pace is kept at a high tempo. 

The referee is the person who helps the teams put on a show….”

So what are the reasons you are refereeing….

Vacation and more….

May 17, 2009

Well I took a little break from posting this past week.  You see I was on vacation down in Oceanside CA.  We did the full tour of San Diego including Sea World, Wild Animal Park and the SD Zoo.  We also spent a decent amount of time on the beach. 

Here is few photos of the good time….

This is my son and I at Wild Animal Park. My turns 4 in 2 weeks.

This is my son and I at Wild Animal Park. He turns 4 in 2 weeks.

This was a cool exhibit.....Oh and the horse were nice also...

This was a cool exhibit.....Oh and the horse were nice also...


What I didn’t do was post or run much…..I ran very little and I feel it now.  I don’t know I just feel blah….I got up and went for a run this morning and it hurt a little. 

One interesting thing I did see down in Oceanside was a large beach soccer tournament.  This tournament was huge.  It was really interesting to watch.  I had never seen beach soccer in person.  All of the kids played in their socks and they brought in the small plastic goals.  Here is a link to the tournament.  OCEANSIDE BEACH SOCCER  If you get a chance check it out.

Well I am out of town this week for work but have lots of post planned.  I fly back into town just in time to get in the car and drive 3 hours for State Cup weekend.  I am hoping for some great assignments this weekend.  I have worked hard this past year hoping it will pay off this coming weekend.  We will see. 

So here is what I have planned for the blog this week……

– Update on getting assessments for me. 

– A little more interesting takes from Pierluigi Collina and his book.  (I finished the book this week while on vacation)

– Looking forward to State Cup and Regionals

– New Women’s Pro league and referees

– More Adult league refereeing opportunities. 

Expect to see 5+ post this week.  I hope you enjoy them.  Please keep the comments coming in I love to hear from you.

Coach Ejection after the game….

May 5, 2009

Simple U14 girls game…..Let me repeat simple U14 girls game.  I maybe had 5-7 calls the entire game.  I have a 12 year old kid on one line and a 13 year old on the other line.  Both are working their tail off and doing a good job.  They both make good eye contact and are hitting all of the offsides great.  2 minutes left in the game the score is 3-1.  Ball comes through and it looks like I have two players offsides at a quick glance but I can’t tell for sure.  One player is 35 yards from the play and 7-10 yards off (this one I am certain about but she is not in the play).  The other girl is actually the one receiving the ball and it was tight but looked like she had a step off.  I take a quick glance and my AR has his flag down.  She turn shoots and scores.  As she is shooting I see my AR throw his flag up for the offsides.  I hit the whistle and call the offsides.  (the goal would have made the game 3-2, the losing team was offsides)  The coach who hasn’t said a thing all game goes crazy on the sideline.  “that girl is not in the play”  referring to the girl well offsides.  I confirm with my AR that the shooter was offsides.  I explain to the coach that the player with the ball at her feet was who he was calling offsides.  He continues to yell….I turn to him and say, “Coach I have explained the call we are moving on”, he yells a little more and I give him the stop sign hand and he quiets down. 

The last minute of the game goes by and I call the game.  Both team shake hands and he waits for this to be done.  He starts to tell my young AR that the girl was not offsides.  My AR ( I was proud of him stood there and backed himself up) and said “YES the girl that shot the ball was offsides.”  The coach starts raising his voice and says to the kid, “you are clueless”.  I now stepped between him and the AR and said “we are done here go back to your bench” and pointed to his bench area.  The coach tried stepping around me and now was yelling at the kid “your horrible”.  I raised my voice and said “Your done get out of here”.  He turned to me and said “Fine throw me out, he still sucks” and points right at the kid from about 4 feet away.  I said “you got it, your ejected.  You can’t treat a young official that way”. 

I grabbed both of my AR’s and we turned and walked away.  They both were there in a little shock and standing there like statues but  we needed to be moving so I pushed them along….

If he was just treating me that way after the game I don’t think I would have run him that fast but as officials we can’t let a grown coach get all over our young referees that way.  This coach has ripped into a few referees in the past but I wasn’t going to let him rip into a 13 year old kid who just worked his tail off for me.  I understand the value of a goal but the goal still wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game. 

Ironically the next day I had this guy (looked like your classic soccer Dad) come over to the referee tent the and ask for the referee that threw out the coach the day before on a U14 girls game.  Everyone turned and pointed to me.  He came over and thanked me and explained that it was his son that was the AR and he appreciated me stepping in and back up his son.  His son talked about it all night long I guess, I let him know his son acted very professional when a coach couldn’t be professional and I would work with his son anytime.

Contest Winner….

May 4, 2009

Josh is the contest winner…….He was the closest (Ok the only one that took a stab at it, wow we got a lot of people reading this thing).  He was acatully really close though.  His guess 5 yellows 1 streight red.

2 Streight Reds

3 Yellows

5 Total

Calm weekend for the most part minus the 2 reds.  Those story’s to come later…

Josh wins a SWISRA coin from my local referee association.  (SWISRA – South West Idaho Soccer Referee Accociation) Nothing overly special but maybe not to bad for leaving a comment.

Josh send me a emailing address and I will drop it off in the mail to you.   Thanks for playing Josh….

Holy weekend of games.

May 1, 2009

So this weekend we have one of the biggest youth tournaments in the state for the year.  There is about 220 teams in the tournament and we still have a full slate of adult games and a rec tournament as well.  So here is the layout for me…

Friday Night 2 Rec. game

Saturday 4 youth tournament games 1 adult game = 5 games

Sunday 4 youth tournament games = 4 games

11 games total

It looks like I have an interesting transition on Sunday.  I have the U19 boys semi-finals leading into the U11 girls final (that will be an interesting transition) and finish the day with the U17 girls championship. 

We are short staffed this weekend so what I have on my lines should get real interesting…

So here is the competition for the weekend.  Send in the comments the number of cards you think I will have in 11 games this weekend.  The person to guess the number correctly wins a fabulous prize….If there is a tie we will randomly draw a name from the winners.  (I will figure out something good for you)  Good Luck!!!!!

A referee loss

April 28, 2009

The title over at “ask the ref” currently is….

Charles W. Fleischer II, the editor of asktheref.com has lost his battle with cancer

Please go read and leave a comment if you have ever used this site.  This site is a wealth of information…..

“Chuck gave answers to 10229 questions his first was in January of 2000. He reviewed countless more and provided leadership to our panel for over nine years.”